Ampacet’s newly developed PAPERLOOK PE Masterbatch 1100170-E provides a white paper look & feel to the final product with the advantage of the mechanical properties of a polymer film.

Therefore, the obtained film will have the benefits of PE films, such as:

  • Low permeability
  • Water and grease resistance
  • Possibility to be heat‑sealed
  • Benefiting from paper characteristics such as stiffness, cutability, dead fold

Ampacet’s Masterbatch 1100170-E is based on High Density Polyethylene. It contains selected fillers and white pigments enabling a good opacity level in blown and cast film processes as well as proper matte and soft surface finishes with no Impact on the organoleptic performances.

The properties of the film used during laboratory tests can be found in the table here illustrated. The 55 µm film was produced in the laboratory using 50% of Ampacet PAPERLOOK Masterbatch 1100170-E and 50% of HDPE, MFI=12 g/min (190°C, 21.6kg).


 The resulting film shows a matte aspect, in line with paper like film expectations. Its gloss level is similar to cellulose paper. Slip properties achieved for the films will simplify its final conversion. 1100170-E has been optimized to achieve necessary film mechanical resistance despite the high filler level added to the films.


The Paperlook grade is approved for food contact in the European Union and USA (FDA).

To have more details on the test results and receive more detailed information on the product, please do not hesitate to contact your local Ampacet representative.