Ampacet has maintained a commitment to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, and has expanded and diversified to develop innovative solutions for industries using PET materials.

PET is a light weight, durable plastic with excellent clarity and recyclability benefits. It is the only material other than glass that has sufficient barrier properties to successfully contain ambient juice and carbonated beverages.

PET packaging material has rapidly become the preferred material for the containment of many liquids, both still and carbonated soft drinks.

Ampacet’s new products 713669-E PET1(65%) & 713672-E (70%) white PET Masterbatch are specifically formulated for the ISBM, IM and Sheet Extrusion markets. These new products deliver a quality White Masterbatch producing excellent opacity and a premium White color consistently at LDR’s between 1-3% dependent upon the application.

Ampacet’s new product 7900007-E (Black PET Masterbatch) is a Masterbatch specially formulated for Sheet extrusion, ISBM (Injection Stretch Blow Moulding) & Injection Moulding applications. This new product delivers a quality Black Masterbatch producing excellent opacity and a premium black color with the benefits of a PET Carrier.

PET2 The product 7000004-E is Ampacet’s new ultraviolet barrier polyester Masterbatch, based on polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The 7000004-E is designed for moulding applications and can be used in many products (i.e. Home Care, Personal Care & Industrial). PET transparent bottles especially but it can also be used in colored PET bottles, added separately with the colored Masterbatches. The other important feature of this UV barrier PET Masterbatch is its excellent compatibility with most of the standard PET grades present in the market without having any impact on either the transparency or the color in the end product.

On top of the products already mentioned, Ampacet has the capabilities to develop and produce colored PET Masterbatches that meet our different customer needs.PET3

In conclusion, Ampacet is now ready to offer and support a full PET product range that will add value and create specialty products for our customers.

For further information on our full product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative.