Kunststoffen fair

Kunststoffen fair is held every year in September in Veldhoven the Netherlands. Many companies and people involved in the injection molding market participated to this event. 275 exhibitors among molders, raw material suppliers, recruiting companies, machine and equipment suppliers, attended Kunststoffen 2014 at the Koningshof Conference Center. This year the exhibitors also welcomed an increasing number of visitors coming from the film industry. In total 3.500 visitors attended this year event.

FAIRS2Ampacet’s booth welcomed approximately 40 visitors, of which several potential customers and several main suppliers. Kunststoffen fair brought some new leads for Ampacet to work with, reinforced the relationships with known customers and prospects, and showed again our colourful face to the Dutch and Belgian market.

Interplas Fair

From September 30th to the 2nd October Ampacet was in Birmingham (UK) to participate as an exhibitor at the Interplas fair 2014.

FAIRS3Interplas is the UK’s largest plastics industry exhibition and the only event covering all the manufacturing processes, technologies and services within the plastics Industry. It is known internationally as the forum where the UK plastics industry does business. The show is very important and in 2014 there were 500 exhibitors, covering 10.000 square meters. In this year’s edition the number of visitors exceeded 12.000.

Ampacet had its own outstanding booth which was much appreciated by our visitors. Ampacet was represented by the UK sales team (Jens Erchs, John Case, Kevin Cloke and Benny Strand). The sales team was assisted by David Horan, Marketing and Alexandre Gilles from the Technical Department. Ampacet’s stand, welcomed more than 50 people from the Film, Injection & Blow Molding Industry. The types of industries visiting were in line with the company’s strategy of making a bigger impact in the British market. Ampacet met many new people and already had some follow up. This fair was sure a success for Ampacet.

Fakuma Fair

From the 14th October until the 18th October, Ampacet participated in the 24th Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

FAIRS1Fakuma is the 2nd biggest plastic exhibition in Germany (coming after the K-Show) and keeps growing year after year. This edition gathered together more than 45.000 visitors coming from 120 different countries and 1.700 exhibitors in the 85.000 square meters.

This year was the second time that Ampacet had participated to this exhibition, which was represented by the German sales team (Peter Heidl, Christian Leinberger, Andreas Geiger and Georg Trunk). The sales team was assisted by Carina Belke, Valerie Lattwein (Marketing). Technical service was also represented by Christophe Heintz and Christophe Raucourt.

Although the majority of the visitors were existing customers, Ampacet was able to make new contacts and introduce itself to potential customers and leads. Considering the number of customer contacts and the potential out coming projects resulting from the discussion with them, this show was a great success for Ampacet.

All of the above fairs were organized and designed by Caroline Scheydecker, Ampacet’s senior Marketing & Communication coordinator.