Stretch Hood is an automated fairly new pallet packaging system. STRETCH1This system has a few competitive advantages in comparison to other pallet packaging processes such as stretch wrap or shrink hood. It is in fact not only much faster (almost twice the amount of pallets per hour compared to stretch wrap), but it also allows a much greater brand exposure and visibility, due to its great potential film transparency. The goods are protected from 5 sides against dust, water and UV’s upon adding additional additives. The hood compressing the load both vertically and horizontally offers enhanced transport stability and stackability STRETCH4

Ampacet, thanks to its competences in additive Masterbatch for film application, is proposing a range of additive Masterbatches for Stretch Hood Application.

The grades suggested by Ampacet are:

Anti-block – 102942

Films tend to stick together and are then difficult to separate. Ampacet’s 102942 Anti-block contains a crystalline silica free anti-blocking agent that gives an excellent anti-blocking effect and STRETCH3excellent optical properties in its class. A well designed anti-blocking grade, such as Ampacet’s 102942 AB PE Masterbatch especially developed for sticky film like stretch hood, offers outstanding performances during the release of the film from the mechanical stretch tools.

Slip – 10073 and 10090

Both Ampacet’s 10073 & 10090 Masterbatches contain a slow migrating slip additive, thus reducing potential printing and sealing problems. These products offer the best release property of the film when used in combination with Ampacet’s 102942 Anti-block Masterbatch.

Antistatic – 104355-E

Static charges have a negative effect since it can impair the operability of the hood and the build-up on the surface of this hood attracts dust, with unpleasant consequences in the aesthetic aspect. This new product 104355-E is an optimized highly effective antistatic Masterbatch developed especially for Stretch Hood applications. This Additive Masterbatch has high efficiency in EVA resins, it is amine free and approved for food packaging.

UV Stabilizer – 10407-E and 10561

Ampacet’s UV Stabilizer Masterbatches have been developed for protecting the film against the UV degradation of the polymer during the exposure in outdoor conditions. These Masterbatches have been developed and extensively used in formulations for similar industrial film applications.

UV Barrier – 100645 and 104347-A

Polyethylene is virtually transparent to UV light and when used in Stretch Hood, does not protect the goods from harmful radiation between 200 and 380 nm. Once introduced in the film, these UV barrier Masterbatches will absorb most of the UV light which will STRETCH2then not reach the packaged goods. Products 100645 and 104347-A have been especially designed to not impair the film transparency. The 104347-A presents a very low migration leading to almost no blooming even for the thinnest films. Both products are approved for food packaging contact with some limitations.

Processing Aids – 103700

Ampacet’s 103700 is a Processing Aid Polyethylene Masterbatch (PA PE MB) designed for polyolefin blown film extrusion. The nature of its active ingredients makes it especially useful when pigments and fillers are employed. When metallocene PE as generally used for Stretch Hood film is extruded at high throughput rates, melt fracture is often encountered leading to poor surface appearance. Active agents contained in 103700 coats the metal parts of the extruder and the die. This provides a smooth path for the polymer to traverse and thus eliminates melt fracture, decreases die deposits, improves productivity and provides economic benefits in PE film extrusion. Contrary to some other new generation PPA’s, it does not impair the optical properties of the film thanks to a very low gel count making its use suitable for critical applications.

To have more details on the test results and receive more detailed information on the products, please do not hesitate to contact your local Ampacet representative.