Ideation 10 Ideation by Ampacet is a new concept that offers you a physical meeting space and a new way of thinking. Surrounded by the necessary & creative elements delivered by industry professionals providing you with the comfort & confidence to realise your goals.

Ampacet’s Ideation Centre is a creative environment where you’ll journey from an « Idea to a Realisation ». Your ideas will become reality using Ampacet’s cutting edge technology in a variety of Ideation Collagearticles in a myriad of effects. With every step, Ampacet will be right there with you to ensure we utilize our industry expertise to deliver your final products.

Ideation at Ampacet will take you through 3 faster steps: Innovation, development & actualisation. You will leave Ampacet with the satisfaction of having completed the whole process of bringing a new product to market!

The main benefits of our new ideation concept are:

  • A One stop facility: A team of in house experts guiding you through all aspects of the process: (Trends, Technical, Sales, Marketing, Color specialist, R&D) Our specialized team is committed to providing the very best in functional, cost effective solutions for our customers most complex Regional & Global projects.
  • Innovation: Innovations focusing on various industry needs are displayed, demonstrating the latest technology, applications, and industry trends. It allows you to visualize the possible directions when working to meet your industry needs.
  • A communication platform: Our new creative work environment introduces a new approach to Innovation & Collaboration. It allows you to communicate with us in an environment designed to stimulate ideas and work on solutions that will meet your necessary market requirements.
  • A complete package for accelerated mock up and sample development: During the time spent in Ampacets Ideation center, the ideas will be moulded or extruded, made tangible in a cap, chip or bottle form giving you the real example of your future products.
  • A Color room for viewing your future products: Color looks different under different lighting conditions. When one uses a Color viewing room it helps in marking the difference alongside your competitors. The room is equipped with 3 types of lighting: Home, Supermarket & daylight allowing visual evaluation of your bottles, chips or caps. It is in a closed environment minimizing the interference of external lights.
  • Cost reduction: Ampacets Ideation center is the one stop shop solution. A team of experts in house at the same time, a creative work environment for you to run wild with your creativity, a finalized product for you to touch and feel, no shipping costs, no administration fees, this is a service that speaks for itself and where a price cannot be defined!
  • Global Simultaneous launch: A Colorama database for all color developments is installed in all of Ampacets worldwide facilities enabling its customers and strategic partners a consistency of colours in all regions of the world.
  • Speed to market: There is no question that this is a top of mind topic in the industry. Our customers view product management capabilities as a critical lever for future growth and differentiation as well as bottom line success. Speed to market is key to competitive advantage and profitability!

For further information on Ampacet’s Ideation Center, please contact your local Ampacet representative.