Plasticulture is a growing market with increasing requirements towards higher crops quality and yields to meet the needs of growing populations.

Agricultural films

In order to help satisfy the market needs, Ampacet has developed a range of Masterbatches for greenhouse & tunnel applications including AGROCLEAR 651 (102651), THERMIC 337 (1000337-E) & HEATSCREEN 34 (1000234‑E).

AGROCLEAR 651 is a highly efficient antifog Masterbatch, specifically designed for agricultural films (greenhouse, low tunnels, mulch film for asparagus), providing a very long term antifogging effect at a very low addition rate.

THERMIC 337 retains a maximum heat inside the greenhouse and low tunnels during the night by blocking the far infra-red spectrum emitted by the ground, providing a ‘thermic’ effect. This allows the greenhouse or low tunnels inner atmosphere temperature to achieve an additional 1°C to 3°C during the night leading to a higher plant growth rate, higher yield and anticipated harvest.

HEATSCREEN 34 provides a “Cooling” effect to greenhouses (used under very hot climate conditions) that avoids the overheating of the greenhouses inner atmosphere as well as dehydration of the plants. This enables an optimized plant growth.

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