Flexible plastic packagings are sensitive to static electricity affecting handling and operations whether it is during film production, film converting (lamination, printing, metallizing) and packing operations, but also during storage of the final packed goods where dust accumulation need to be avoided for a high pack shelf-appeal. Packaging films require immediate and consistent antistatic properties for optimizing handling and appearance.                               Pink transparent film anti-static

Ampacet PERMSTAT masterbatches are non-migratory antistatic         solutions specifically developed for providing immediate and permanent antistatic properties to polyolefin films used for specific packaging applications (electronics, powders, explosive and hazardous chemicals).                                                                                                         anti-static food packs

Food approved, Ampacet PERMSTAT 429 (103429-E), PERMSTAT        249 (1000249-E), PERMSTAT 346 (1000346-E) and PERMSTAT 90 (404190-E) are also suitable for food packagings requiring such demanding antistatic properties.

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