During production it can happen that you are faced with shrinkage or warpage problems.                                                                                                   shrinkless range  crates

SHRINKAGE is the dimensional reduction brought about by the         decrease in volume of the molded material as it cools and solidifies.
WARPAGE is a distortion where the surfaces of the molded parts do not follow the intended shape of the design.

Warpage is due to differential shrinkage in the machine and transverse directions because of:

  •  Non uniform cooling of parts with wall sections of varying thickness
  • Presence of some pigments that affect the polymer crystallization

In order to help our customers optimise their production, Ampacet decided to create the range of Shrinkless products.

SHRINKLESS 057, 1000057-E which is created for polyethylene-based products and SHRINKLESS 106, 4000106-E developed for polypropylene-based products to help reduce the distortion phenomenon.

The benefits of this Masterbatch for Injection Molding & Blow Molding are:

  • Dimensional stability: reducing the impact of high shrinkage colors
  • No process modification needed or expensive tool adjustments to run the different colored parts on the same mold
  • Helps molders to minimize warpage when running a part that calls for the successive use of different colors
  • Minimum deformation during mold release
  • Product flexibility (effective on a great variety of Masterbatches)
  • Better cap fitting
  • Shorter cycle times (greener process)
  • Food contact approval (EU)
  • Does not impact the color of the final article