Ampacet exhibited at Fakuma 2015

Ampacet recently exhibited at the 25th edition of Fakuma that took place from the 13th-17th October, 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry and Ampacet has participated during the past 3 years.                                                       fakuma stand 1

Besides the K-Show, this is the 2nd biggest plastic exhibition in the German speaking area. The show is growing every year and in 2015 there were 1.800 exhibitors from 36 different countries and a total of 85.000 square meters of exhibition space. The number of visitors increased to more than 46.000 and 30 % of the visitors came from abroad from over 120 different countries.

The people present at the exhibition were the German speaking          sales team (Peter, Christian, Andreas and Georg) and the sales team was assisted by Caroline and Helene from Marketing. The Technical service was represented by Christophe Raucourt and also our Marketing Director, Philippe Rey, was present for 2 days during the show.                                                                                                                                        fakuma stand2

The majority of the visitors were existing customers. Despite of this we still made some new contacts to companies where until now we are not selling. Considering the number of customer contacts and the possible projects resulting from our discussions, this show was an overall success.

On the stand we presented the new “SHRINKLESS” product range. This new product is a highly effective additive that helps minimize shrinkage and & warpage issues that occur during the process of injection molding or extrusion blow molding and during the show we had several interested customers.


Ampacet launches a “greener” and “safer” version of flame                  retardant Masterbatch due to the latest EC (European Commission) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) regulations calling     haloflamefor the progressive substitution of some chemicals that cause               hazards to   human health and the environment.

HALOFLAME 353 / 1000353-E is Ampacet’s new antimony-free brominated flame retardant Masterbatch, which is designed for film applications.

The main benefits of HALOFLAME 353 / 1000353-E are:

  • Free of any antimony in comparison with the conventional halogenated flame retardant Masterbatches
  • Helps to prevent plastic from dripping when coming into contact with flames
  • Reduces the flames from spreading
  • Decreases the possibility of smoke formation and therefore increases resistance to fire
  • Achieves the high demanding B2 (Germany) and M1 (France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal) flame retardant classifications (the highest classifications)
  • Supports ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 requirements towards risk optimization and reduction in use of dangerous material
  • Does not require the use of specific costly streams for scrap & off-spec material recycling as does not contain any Heavy Metal
  • Does not require the use of extra and specific personal protective equipment, the subscription to special costly insurance and the need to apply specific health checks (urinary and blood checks) for the operators along the supply chain (due to the fact that the product does not contain any heavy metal)
  • Improves the Ethics along the supply chain by the purchase of safer materials
  • Safer solution for Health & Safety concerns

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email:


Ampacet is pleased to introduce its new MATIF range, initially developed and designed for the Bi-Oriented Poly-Propylene (BOPP) process, for use in multi-layer polyethylene blown film applications.

Ampacet’s MATIF 97LDB & MATIF 55LDB show excellent contact transparency that enable a high quality graphic and printing appearance in laminated packaging film structures.                      matif

When used in the outer layer of polyethylene film applications, Ampacet’s MATIF 97LDB & MATIF 55LDB will:

  • Provide a silky luxurious appeal
  • Impart a luxury and quality image to the brand
  • Enhance the aesthetics and haptic of packaging film
  • Provide the visual and touch of old fashioned paper packaging
  • Bring back souvenirs of the good old times to the elder generation
  • Provide an outstanding high haze and low gloss to the film
  • Allow an easy view of graphic details due to a very low light reflection
  • Prevent lensing problems compared to conventional matting agents

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits MATIF 97LDB & MATIF 55LDB are approved for food contact applications in Europe and comply with the US FDA regulations. Ampacet recommends that you use MATIF 97LDB for non-sealable matte films and MATIF 55LDB for sealable films (the seal initiation temperature is slightly above 110°C).

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email:

Ampacet’s new innovative additive for recycled PET

PET is a remarkably energy-efficient packaging material. Add to that its strength, versatility, and recyclability, and PET boasts an excellent sustainability profile.                                                                                   blue edge

Today recycled plastic is an indispensable part of our lives and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable resources, improves the environment and reduces our carbon footprint. One of PET’s most outstanding qualities is its exceptional recyclability as it can be recovered and recycled again and again by thorough washing and remelting for use in new PET products. Recycled PET does unfortunately have some drawbacks but these can be resolved thanks to one of Ampacet’s new innovative additive Masterbatch Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E).

Ampacet’s new Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is an innovative additive Masterbatch specially formulated for use in recycled PET. It counteracts the unattractive yellowish / brownish “dirty” effect in most post-consumer recycled plastics and enhances the bottle brightness with a lighter bluish tone giving it a clearer, fresher look that is more appealing to the customer’s eye.

The other major advantage of using Ampacet’s Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is that it is produced in the new mini-pellet Masterbatch form that offers the polymer industry enhanced distribution/ processability, lower let-down rates and decreases energy consumption.

For further information on Ampacet’s Blue Edge 78 product, please contact your local Ampacet representative or send an email to:



Among all food produced world-wide for human consumption, about one third is lost or wasted. Ampacet takes this issue seriously and attaches great importance to development of innovative food preservation Masterbatches.

Ampacet is proud to present its food packaging range of additives that represents a concrete solution to better and longer food conservation.                                                                                                           food packaging

Ampacet’s unique Masterbatch FRESH+ 358 C2 (1000358-E) extends the shelf life of packed fresh produce by capturing part of the ethylene emitted by fruit and vegetables. This innovative additive not only limits the food wastage contributing to a better ethical and economic situation, but also helps in reducing the depletion of the environment and its limited natural resources.

Ampacet’s FRESH+ 97 AF (103697) Masterbatch is Ampacet’s optimized Antifog additive designed for polyethylene food wrap films and convenient for both hot and cold packaging. This innovative Masterbatch gives an excellent antifogging performance only a few minutes after the laminated film is placed in the refrigerator and stays performant even after 15 days. It significantly improves the film transparency, durability of the wrapping contents and the attractiveness of packed food.                                                                 food packaging 2

UVBLOCK 347 (104347-A) is the best existing solution for                packaging UV-light sensitive food. This extraordinary Masterbatch enhances food preservation and reduces spoilage by providing a high barrier efficiency to UV light even at low addition rates without affecting the transparency of the packaging film.

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email: