Ampacet launches a “greener” and “safer” version of flame                  retardant Masterbatch due to the latest EC (European Commission) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) regulations calling     haloflamefor the progressive substitution of some chemicals that cause               hazards to   human health and the environment.

HALOFLAME 353 / 1000353-E is Ampacet’s new antimony-free brominated flame retardant Masterbatch, which is designed for film applications.

The main benefits of HALOFLAME 353 / 1000353-E are:

  • Free of any antimony in comparison with the conventional halogenated flame retardant Masterbatches
  • Helps to prevent plastic from dripping when coming into contact with flames
  • Reduces the flames from spreading
  • Decreases the possibility of smoke formation and therefore increases resistance to fire
  • Achieves the high demanding B2 (Germany) and M1 (France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal) flame retardant classifications (the highest classifications)
  • Supports ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 requirements towards risk optimization and reduction in use of dangerous material
  • Does not require the use of specific costly streams for scrap & off-spec material recycling as does not contain any Heavy Metal
  • Does not require the use of extra and specific personal protective equipment, the subscription to special costly insurance and the need to apply specific health checks (urinary and blood checks) for the operators along the supply chain (due to the fact that the product does not contain any heavy metal)
  • Improves the Ethics along the supply chain by the purchase of safer materials
  • Safer solution for Health & Safety concerns

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