Ampacet’s new innovative additive for recycled PET

PET is a remarkably energy-efficient packaging material. Add to that its strength, versatility, and recyclability, and PET boasts an excellent sustainability profile.                                                                                   blue edge

Today recycled plastic is an indispensable part of our lives and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable resources, improves the environment and reduces our carbon footprint. One of PET’s most outstanding qualities is its exceptional recyclability as it can be recovered and recycled again and again by thorough washing and remelting for use in new PET products. Recycled PET does unfortunately have some drawbacks but these can be resolved thanks to one of Ampacet’s new innovative additive Masterbatch Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E).

Ampacet’s new Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is an innovative additive Masterbatch specially formulated for use in recycled PET. It counteracts the unattractive yellowish / brownish “dirty” effect in most post-consumer recycled plastics and enhances the bottle brightness with a lighter bluish tone giving it a clearer, fresher look that is more appealing to the customer’s eye.

The other major advantage of using Ampacet’s Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is that it is produced in the new mini-pellet Masterbatch form that offers the polymer industry enhanced distribution/ processability, lower let-down rates and decreases energy consumption.

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