On Tuesday 26th April, 2016 Ampacet welcomed the Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg along with other officials including Patrick Nickels, Conseiller de gouvernement 1ére Class, Dan Biancalana, Mayor of Dudelange and Mr. Nicolas Buck, President of the FEDIL to its European Headquarters in Dudelange, Luxembourg.


Ampacet has been awarded the “Luxembourg American Business Award” that recognizes an American company for its unique and lasting contribution to trade and business between Luxembourg and the United States, as well as for its commitment to strengthening the longstanding relationship between the two countries. The Award not only acknowledges Luxembourg’s openness to foreign trade and investment, but also the success achieved by an American company as a result of such policies.

The official Award ceremony took place in the US in the New Yorker Athletic Club on the 24th of May in presence of the Royal couple, David McKean (the U.S. Ambassador for Luxembourg), Etienne Schneider (Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg), Yves Carette (President and CEO of Ampacet) and Giuseppe Giusto (Vice President and Managing Director EMEA & APAC of Ampacet).

group photo


Ampacet is very proud to announce the opening of its new MEA Headquarters in Dubai. The official event took place earlier this year on the 6th of February, (1)

In 1985, Ampacet USA made the strategic decision to create its European branch instead of continuing to service the region by selling through distributors in the UK and Italy. During the next 30 years, Ampacet Europe evolved into the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region and became a major contributor to Ampacet’s overall global success. The EMEA region has now matured to a level where it was necessary for the Middle East & Africa territory (including Turkey) to be managed as a separate region.

By opening the MEA Headquarters Ampacet shows its commitment to this complex market, which includes approximately 65 countries, more than one billion inhabitants and many different languages and cultures, and to a dynamic locally-based infrastructure that will understand and cater to the needs of Ampacet’s customers.

Projects, market complexities and challenges are increasing every day and Ampacet needs to be sure to have the right resources in place. Ampacet continues its global growth, but without losing the local touch that is the key of its success.

Ampacet is looking forward to the new challenges and willing to grow beyond expectations!





At the beginning of December 2015, Ampacet participated to the exhibition named Plast Eurasia that took place in Turkey, İstanbul. This is an annual International Trade Fair that gathers professionals from the plastics industry covering all segments.

PlastEurasia 2015-02

The fair took place from the 3rd – 6th December with the participation of 1,134 societies and company representatives coming from 47 countries. In this year’s edition the Plast Eurasia Fair attracted 47,306 domestic and 8,269 international visitors.

Ampacet had its own outstanding booth of 84 m2 and was represented by 6 members of the MEA team. Khalil Fadda (Ampacet MEA General Manager), Bahar Özsoy (Sales Manager Turkey), Nüzhet Ezer (Sales Executive Turkey), Etem Şentürk (Technical Segment Specialist-BOPP), Mohammed Kobe (Supply Chain Manager, Ampacet MEA) and Sandy El Sabeh (Customer Service Representative Ampacet MEA). They welcomed more than 80 PlastEurasia 2015-04visitors including existing and potential customers from Turkey as well as from the other countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Israel and Germany). They also made contact with some current and potential suppliers. As in the previous years, this fair was an enormous success for Ampacet.

Ampacet has continued to develop and grow in Turkey achieving successful results within the last years. Due to the presence of Ampacet at the Plast Eurasia Exhibition and the strong Sales team presence in this region, we have been able to show our strength and continual determination to evolve within this market and gain more market share.


Interplastica 2016 in Moscow recorded considerably more visitors than in the previous year.

Western technology for the production of Interplastica logopackaging and related processes, as well as for the manufacturing of plastic and rubber goods is still highly valued by Russian companies. However, the political framework conditions, the fall of the oil price, and a continually weak rouble, having an inflation rate of approx. 15.8 percent last year, as well as hesitant lending as a result thereof are making it difficult to make investments, especially for small businesses. On the other hand, there is still considerable investment needed in Russia and the neighbouring countries. Above all, the demand has been placed on the domestic consumer goods industry, the food industry, and the packaging industry to optimise production processes and product quality in order to be able to substitute imports. Therefore staying informed concerning innovative technologies, maintaining business relationships with suppliers, or establishing new ones represented the main focus of visitors to the Interplastica 2016. From 26th to 29th January, 20,900 specialist visitors from Russia and its neighbouring countries came to the Moscow Expo centre in Krasnaya Presnya – around 1 900 more than in 2015. The atmosphere within the halls was remarkable. The exhibitors reported being extremely interesting business people who were also, in part, ready to make orders. A total of 828 companies from 38 countries presented their range of offers at both trade fairs.

Interplastica (1)

Significant contribution to the development of the Russian polymer market for the past 16 years has been made by Ampacet. This year, traditionally, the booth of Ampacet at Interplastica was presented by sales managers from all the regions of Russia: European part (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), the Central part (Kazan, republic of Tatarstan), Siberia (Novosibirsk), Ural (Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk), South Region (Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar).

Strong support to the Russian sales team was provided by Mr. Claes Nilsson (Director of sales Nothern Europe) and Mr. Marcello Bergamo (Global BOPP Director). There were 4 intensive meetings held with BOPP producers including 2 new companies. New developments and strong commitment was presented to one of Ampacet’s largest BOPP partners – company SIBUR.

As usual highest interest/demand was shown to the local color service which Ampacet is offering in Russia since 2008 when the plant of color Masterbatches has been installed. Localization of all standard color Masterbatches have resulted in tremendous success. Ampacet Russia has grown 40% and has reached 1.100tons of color Masterbatches in 2015. Futhermore, we expect another 20-25% growth in 2016!

It is also important to mention the high integration of polymer markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to the Customs Union of these countries, all barriers in trading (cancelled import duties, unified taxes and certification) have been removed. As a benefit of this Ampacet Russia has started to export color Masterbatches to these countries and we expect even more expansion of export sales.

Ampacet remains one of the market leaders in Russia, serving more than 1200 plastic converters and Interplastica has confirmed this value.



Ampacet is offering a wide range of Masterbatches for Film applications. In this Newsletter edition we will specifically focus on 4 products for polyethylene films: High Clarity Antiblock 1000089-E, Highly Loaded Black Masterbatches 193219 and 1900042-E and Anti-pinking Masterbatch 103458.

Antiblock 1000089-E is a specialty antiblocking solution that, in comparison to conventional antiblock Masterbatches, provides antiblockhigh optical properties to transparent film enhancing its aesthetics. Antiblock 1000089-E is typically used for high clarity purposes in food packaging and overwrapping film applications as well as in clear labelling applications for “no label look” appearance.

Black 193219 and 1900042-E are highly loaded Masterbatches that represent attractive cost efficient solutionssilage film 2 for black film applications. In comparison with traditional Black Masterbatches, Ampacet 193219 and 1900042-E allow to decrease the required let-down ratio for the same film opacity, and therefore providing the possibility to use more resins of the customer’s choice. Black 193219 is a 50% N300 loaded Masterbatch, developed for coextruded black films with high opacity. It is typically recommended for use in silage bale wrap and silo bag applications, multi-seasons mulch films, as well as in silage final 2thin black industrial wrapping films. Black 1900042-E is a 60% N700 loaded Masterbatch, especially designed for general purpose black films. It is recommended for silo films, thick industrial films and consumer goods packaging.

Ampacet Anti-pinking Masterbatch 103458 is a specialty Antioxidant that eliminates the non-desired but well-known coloration phenomenon called ‘yellowing’ or ‘pinking’ which can take place on the edges of film rolls during storage. By adding Ampacet Anti-pinking 103458 to the film formulation, the over-oxidation of phenolic components will be reduced, limiting the risk of polymer discoloration and avoiding possible claims and costly returns from customers for film appearance that is unacceptable.

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email:


Recent European Union proposals aim to boost recycling targets to turn Europe into a more circular economy. During the coming years we will therefore see more and more products being made out of recycled materials.

However, already today we could notice that a lot of companies show much interest in post-consumer resins. Indeed, by using post-consumer recycled material these companies realize very important cost savings, reduce considerably their carbon footprint and build a “greener” brand image that has a positive impact on the customers’ behavior.

AMPACET is very active in developing solutions to support our customers to convert recycled materials into new value addedodor scav 2 products: the new Masterbatch Odor Scavenger 1000258-E and the innovative additive Masterbatch Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) both have been specifically formulated to enhance aspect and functionality of post-consumer resin.

Odor Scavenger 1000258-E is a powerful wide-spectrum odor absorber that neutralizes odors of post-consumer recycled material and keeps them enclosed inside the polymer. By neutralizing the odors of the recycled material, Odor Scavenger 1000258-E allows to increase significantly the ratio of post-consumer resin by keepingodor scavenger 1 the odor level down and as a consequence it helps to significantly reduce the expenses related to the purchasing of polymers. Another major advantage of increasing the ratio of post-consumer recycled resin is that it decreases significantly the carbon footprint. Odor Scavenger 1000258-E has been specially formulated for Injection and Blow Molding, Films and for some applications in extrusion such as geomembrane.

Recently launched Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is another additive formulation that is dedicated to PET recycled resin. It is a highly blue edgeefficient Masterbatch that counteracts the unattractive yellowish / brownish “dirty” effect in PET post-consumer recycled plastics and enhances the bottle brightness with a lighter bluish tone giving it a clearer, fresher look that is more appealing to the customer’s eye.

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email:


Over the years Ampacet has built up its brand awareness in Europe mainly due to its Black & White Masterbatch product range. Ampacet remains highly committed to the market and is keen to continually build and grow its Black Masterbatch segment. Due to this, Ampacet is going to re-vitalize and harmonize the Black European Masterbatch product range by harmonizing product naming, labelling and packaging.Black MB

Product naming and labeling

Starting from the end of April Ampacet Europe uses the standardized label which is very similar to the current one with the exception of the “Description” field. You will no longer see the “Black xxx MB” in the description field. It has been replaced by ONYX code composed of “ONYX”+ the last 4 digits of the product code (and letters in some cases). For example, the Black Masterbatch 193214 has been named as “ONYX 3214”. The other fields stay exactly the same as before.


Starting from the end of April, Ampacet Europe delivers all Black Masterbatch products in transparent bags. The use of harmonized transparent film for all Masterbatch types contributes to a better visibility for quality control and to the standardisation of packaging across all product types.

Specific reference and/or description on customer labels (marked between Ampacet Europe and content field) continues to be applied.

By the end of April 2016 the old product names have become obsolete and the new ones have been implemented. This means that all new production of Black Masterbatch and transport documents are issued with the new “product description”. Due to the stock flow, it may occur that you receive documents with a new product description but the bags and pallets will be labelled with the old one. This situation may last up to 4 months for MTS products and up to 12 months for MTO products.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Should you have any question concerning this subject, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email: