Ampacet is offering a wide range of Masterbatches for Film applications. In this Newsletter edition we will specifically focus on 4 products for polyethylene films: High Clarity Antiblock 1000089-E, Highly Loaded Black Masterbatches 193219 and 1900042-E and Anti-pinking Masterbatch 103458.

Antiblock 1000089-E is a specialty antiblocking solution that, in comparison to conventional antiblock Masterbatches, provides antiblockhigh optical properties to transparent film enhancing its aesthetics. Antiblock 1000089-E is typically used for high clarity purposes in food packaging and overwrapping film applications as well as in clear labelling applications for “no label look” appearance.

Black 193219 and 1900042-E are highly loaded Masterbatches that represent attractive cost efficient solutionssilage film 2 for black film applications. In comparison with traditional Black Masterbatches, Ampacet 193219 and 1900042-E allow to decrease the required let-down ratio for the same film opacity, and therefore providing the possibility to use more resins of the customer’s choice. Black 193219 is a 50% N300 loaded Masterbatch, developed for coextruded black films with high opacity. It is typically recommended for use in silage bale wrap and silo bag applications, multi-seasons mulch films, as well as in silage final 2thin black industrial wrapping films. Black 1900042-E is a 60% N700 loaded Masterbatch, especially designed for general purpose black films. It is recommended for silo films, thick industrial films and consumer goods packaging.

Ampacet Anti-pinking Masterbatch 103458 is a specialty Antioxidant that eliminates the non-desired but well-known coloration phenomenon called ‘yellowing’ or ‘pinking’ which can take place on the edges of film rolls during storage. By adding Ampacet Anti-pinking 103458 to the film formulation, the over-oxidation of phenolic components will be reduced, limiting the risk of polymer discoloration and avoiding possible claims and costly returns from customers for film appearance that is unacceptable.

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