Recent European Union proposals aim to boost recycling targets to turn Europe into a more circular economy. During the coming years we will therefore see more and more products being made out of recycled materials.

However, already today we could notice that a lot of companies show much interest in post-consumer resins. Indeed, by using post-consumer recycled material these companies realize very important cost savings, reduce considerably their carbon footprint and build a “greener” brand image that has a positive impact on the customers’ behavior.

AMPACET is very active in developing solutions to support our customers to convert recycled materials into new value addedodor scav 2 products: the new Masterbatch Odor Scavenger 1000258-E and the innovative additive Masterbatch Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) both have been specifically formulated to enhance aspect and functionality of post-consumer resin.

Odor Scavenger 1000258-E is a powerful wide-spectrum odor absorber that neutralizes odors of post-consumer recycled material and keeps them enclosed inside the polymer. By neutralizing the odors of the recycled material, Odor Scavenger 1000258-E allows to increase significantly the ratio of post-consumer resin by keepingodor scavenger 1 the odor level down and as a consequence it helps to significantly reduce the expenses related to the purchasing of polymers. Another major advantage of increasing the ratio of post-consumer recycled resin is that it decreases significantly the carbon footprint. Odor Scavenger 1000258-E has been specially formulated for Injection and Blow Molding, Films and for some applications in extrusion such as geomembrane.

Recently launched Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is another additive formulation that is dedicated to PET recycled resin. It is a highly blue edgeefficient Masterbatch that counteracts the unattractive yellowish / brownish “dirty” effect in PET post-consumer recycled plastics and enhances the bottle brightness with a lighter bluish tone giving it a clearer, fresher look that is more appealing to the customer’s eye.

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