Some film applications require the use of specialty ethylene copolymers such as; Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) or ionomer resins to enhance film properties like stickiness, shrinkability, eva2delamination & peelability.

Using such ethylene copolymers in flexible applications can sometimes be challenging in terms of slip, antiblocking as well as antistatic performances when adding conventional polyethylene-based Masterbatches, as their mode of action is influenced by the polarity of these resins or their properties, like stickiness.                                                        eva-1

Ampacet develop and commercialize specific Masterbatches designed for optimized performances in EVA and ionomers resins:

Polymer Type Antiblocking Masterbatch Slip Masterbatch Antistatic Masterbatch
EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) 102942 10780 HDSTAT (104355-E)
Ionomer 1000161-E 1000024-E HDSTAT (104355-E)

To color films made of EVA and ionomers, Ampacet recommends  using Ampacet’s universal White 11200 Masterbatch and Black 1900132-E Masterbatch.

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email: