Are you looking for a durable alternative solution to paper? If so, Ampacet has all that you need to succeed with your new project!

Ampacet is pleased to introduce you to PAPERLOOK (1100170-E), KRAFT PAPERLOOK 718 (1800718-E) & KRAFT PAPERLOOK 289paperlook3 (1301289-E) Masterbatches that provide the White & Brown Kraft Paper look and touch to your final product with the benefits of polymeric films making them an ideal solution to paper replacement.

PAPERLOOK or KRAFT PAPERLOOK made products present some important advantages over the wood-pulp paper based ones such as:

  • Low tearability, low permeability and high moisture and grease resistance
  • Possibility for heat‑sealability avoiding the use of glue       paperlook-2

while keeping some paper characteristics like:

  • High stiffness, easy die-cuttability and good dead-fold properties for easy converting (e.g. folding, slitting, forming, …).
  • Hand-writability
  • Matte soft surface finish.                                                           paperlook-1

Ampacet’s PAPERLOOK and KRAFT PAPERLOOK Masterbatches make your synthetic paper film suitable for non-food (e.g. labels, tags, graphic arts, maps, menus,…) as well as for food applications with no impact on the organoleptic performances.
Ampacet’s PAPERLOOK is specially designed for dairy packaging (e.g. butter) and delicatessen wrapping.

Ampacet’s PAPERLOOK and KRAFT PAPERLOOK Masterbatches have been designed to be used in the blown and cast film processes.

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email: marketing.europe@ampacet.com