AMPACET launches a BIORANGE of environmentally friendly masterbatches for compostable bioplastics & biodegradable applications

In recent decades, numerous countries have introduced legislations restricting the sale of lightweight plastic bags in order to reduce littering and plastic pollution. If not disposed of properly, traditional plastic bags can pollute waterways, clog sewers and be found in oceans as well as nature and soil, affecting the habitat of animals and marine creatures. Even when disposed of properly, due to their high durability, plastic bags take centuries to disintegrate (they will never biodegrade), generating large amounts of polluting plastic garbage over long periods of time.biorange

Consumers become more and more conscious about environmental issues and brand owners invest in their sustainable policies for a “greener” image on the market.

These have led to the development and increasing use of biodegradable compostable plastics which gain progressively market shares in the single use lightweight bags as well as other non-durable applications as they are considered as a sustainable alternative solution to conventional plastics, unlike oxo-degradable solutions.

Being concerned by environmental issues and by sustainable development, Ampacet is pleased to launch its BIORANGE of Masterbatches compatible with the use of compostable polymers, complying with the EN 13432 standard (composting standard), in order to support the protection of the environment from plastics pollution.

Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches allow to combine the utility of plastics (lightweight, resistance, relative low cost) with the ability to completely and fully compost the end product in an industrial compost facility.

Conventional plastics often mixed with organic wastes (food, wet paper and liquids), make it difficult and impractical to recycle without expensive sorting, cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Rather than worrying about recycling a relatively small quantity of plastics, Biodegradable end-products made of compostable polymers and Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches can be mixed with organic wastes, thereby enabling composting of a much larger portion of solid waste and making this activity commercially viable.

All in all, Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches contributes to reduction of plastics pollution and to a more sustainable world.

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AMPACET’s innovative solution to reduce scratches originated during manufacturing and handling processes

Plastic products are very sensitive to scratches. Indeed, these scratches have a negative impact on the perceived quality of a product. Moreover, dust and dirt tend to inlay into the scratched surface making it less hygienic and attractive.antiscratch

Ampacet is proud to announce the launching of its new additive Masterbatch Antiscratch 1000617-E designed to enhance the appearance of injected articles and blow molded bottles by significantly improving the scratch resistance of plastics.

AntiScratch 1000617-E is a powerful additive that helps to avoid wear marks on polyethylene and polypropylene articles and bottles generated during manufacturing, transport and handling processes. This additive protects also the bottles at the filling plants where they are unpacked, handled and filled. AntiScratch 1000617-E Masterbatch provides a long-term protection that lasts during the life cycle of the product.

AntiScratch 1000617-E performs well even on darker colors where scratches are the most visible. It has no impact on the product’s color, odor or gloss.

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New BOPP product guide is coming soon!

Dear customer,

We are pleased to inform you that the new version of the Ampacet’s BOPP product guide will be available by the end of May! As in the new Film product guide appeared in the end of the year 2016 you will find the best selection of Ampacet Masterbatches designed for the BOPP application with a much clear positioning of the products allowing to easily preselect the grade which fits better with your requirements.

Please contact you regional sales representative to get our new version of the BOPP product guide.


Following a presence of more than 25 years on the Bi-Oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP) film market, Ampacet has developed a leading position supplying high volume general purpose as well as specialty masterbatches to the BOPP film manufacturers on a worldwide scale.matif 2

Ampacet, the market leader of matte compounds for BOPP applications, is proud to introduce its Next Generation MATIF consisting in a platform of

  • Matte compound high to low Seal Initiating Temperature (SIT) and down gauging up to 25%
  • New Matte properties with high coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Half Matte compounds allowing to see the goods through the packed film
  • Matte compound with light “soft touch” effect

A few years ago, the trend has moved from glossy surfaces towards low gloss appearance. Nowadays, matte finishes could be seen on the packaging of luxury items (e.g. perfume, alcohols, …) as well as on food wrapping films (e.g. chocolate, coffee, biscuits, potato crisps, …) enhancing the aesthetics and haptic of packaging through:

  • an easy view of graphic details due to a very low light reflection
  • the imitation of the natural look and touch of old fashioned paper packaging
  • an attractive modern appearance with a silky, smooth, soft-touch finish
  • a luxury appeal and high quality image provided to the brand.

Marcello Bergamo, Ampacet’s General Manager Europe said “we are proud in having designed and brought to our customers the latest technology available in the polymer industry on Matte compounds. Our strategic choices is to develop solutions for our customers and the Next Generation Matte is all about that. This latest technology is another example of how we intend to achieve our objectives and we seek to add value for our customers and increase our competitive advantage

Ampacet’s Next Generation MATIF allows to achieve excellent matte performances with haze of more than 75%, providing a high quality finish to graphic arts and luxury packaging items.

Next Generation MATIF platform covers a broad spectrum of seal initiation temperatures (SIT) going from 130°C to 75°C allowing the use of BOPP matte films on various packaging equipment.

François Thibeau, Ampacet’s Strategic Business Manager Europe for business units Films & BOPP states that “with our new MATIF range, Ampacet allows its BOPP film customers to debottleneck their film production line. Indeed, our new MATIF products allow to down-gauge traditional matte skin layer by 20 to 25%, over-come the capacity constraints linked to matte skin thickness requirements with conventional matte compounds, allow film producers to increase overall line output and improve their overall operational excellence.”

With its new MATIF Range and its specific MATIF Grades, Ampacet can answer the most demanding requirements from the matte film market in terms of film performances as well as on an operability stand-point.

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Besides packaging functionality (e.g. food shelf-life extension through high barrier properties, convenience thanks to easy-opening, re-closability & other attributes, sustainability due to easy recyclability, …), consumers sensory experience strongly matters. Indeed, buying decision during retail, only takes a few seconds, sometimes less !reptyle

Brand owners aim to be catchy and look for increasing brand shelf-appeal through packaging differentiation: visually by providing an attractive look and by Touch & Feel in reinforcing the consumers sensory experience.

Ampacet’s ReptyleFXTM allows to enhance aesthetics & haptics by providing an attractive unique aspect to the flexible package, calling the consumers to hold the packed product in their hands and throw it in the retailer’s caddy.

With Ampacet’s ReptyleFXTM technology, spiderweb-like or snakeskin-like effect is made possible for multi-layer coextruded film structures, allowing designers to create innovative exotic flexible packaging products replicating snake skin’s tactile and visual appeal. Ampacet’s ReptyleFXTM technology is based on the unique combination of colors and special effect masterbatches added in the different layers of coextruded films. This innovative ReptyleFXTM Masterbatch technology could be used in food and non-food packaging.

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Ampacet, the leading Masterbatch producer of colors, special effects and functional additives, is proud to announce its investment in new European production capacity with a planned start-up for 4Q lines

The first increase in capacity will be at the company’s Messancy (Belgium) facility which is the largest Ampacet production site in Europe, and produces the complete range of products: color, additives, black and white masterbatches.

The second capacity increase will be in Dudelange (Luxembourg), where Ampacet’s European headquarters is located. This site has one of the company’s largest white masterbatch lines as well as housing their Color Center of Excellence.

These two investments are aligned with Ampacet’s objective to significantly improve the overall customer experience by reducing lead-times and offer more flexibility for deliveries. Ampacet has already invested in the Ideation Center which opened in Dudelange in 2013. A creative environment, the Ideation Center offers customers the opportunity to go from “concept to creation” using Ampacet’s innovative technology in a variety of applications with color effects.

Marcello Bergamo, Ampacet Europe’s Managing Director said “we are committed to the masterbatch industry and our investments are evidence of our willingness to serve the market properly with respect to both quality and service. We continue to develop new solutions for our customers and these new expansions will support us to deliver added value by enhancing our customer’s competitive advantage in the marketplace”.

Our customers can always expect the highest quality standards, unmatched value propositions, honest and ethical behaviors and systematic delivery on promises. We leverage technologies, global knowledge, best practices and partnerships to achieve excellence in manufacturing efficiency and innovation,” he added.



There is confidence in Russia about the year that has just begun: following a difficult period, dominated by political tensions, a drop in the oil price and a weak rouble, experts are now working on the assumption that the domestic economy will be moving out of recession. The World Bank is forecasting economic growth in Russia for 2017 too. Western companies are anticipating an upswing and see this as confirmation of their policy of maintaining their business contacts in crisis years as well. Interplastica, the 20th International Trade Fair Plastics and Rubber, in Moscow have now demonstrated that this positive outlook for the future applies in particular to the plastics, rubber and packaging sectors and the process industries associated with them. Developments in major consumption segments are leading to growing demand in the production of plastics and rubber products and packaging. Some 800 companies from 33 different countries presented their innovations on the SAO Expocenter exhibition site in Krasnaja Presnja from 24th to 27th of January. 23,000 experts from all over Russia and from the neighboring countries attended the fair.interplastica (2)Significant contribution to the development of the Russian polymer market for the past 17 years has been made by Ampacet. This year, traditionally, booth of Ampacet at Interplastica was presented by sales managers from all the regions of Russia: European part (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), the Central part (Kazan, republic of Tatarstan), Siberia (Novosibirsk), Ural (Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk), South Region (Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar).interplastica (1)Strong support to Russian sales team was provided by Mr. Maurice Oostervink (European Sales Director), Mr. Claes Nilsson (Sales Director Nothern Europe) and Mr. Francois Thibeau (Strategic Business Manager Films & BOPP – Europe). There were 4 intensive meetings held with BOPP producers including largest BOPP producer company SIBUR.

As usual highest interest/demand was shown to the local color service which Ampacet is offering in Russia since 2008 when the plant of color Masterbatches has been installed. Localization of all standard color Masterbatches have resulted in continues success. Ampacet Russia has grown 10% and has reached 1.200tons of color Masterbatches in 2016. Futhermore, we expect another 15-20% growth in 2017!

It is also important to mention high integration of polymer markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to the Customs Union of these countries, it have been removed all barriers in trading (cancelled import duties, unified taxes and certification). As a benefit of this Ampacet Russia has started to export color Masterbatches to these countries and we expect even more expansion of export sales.

Ampacet remains one of the market leaders in Russia, serving more than 1200 plastic converters and Interplastica has confirmed this value.


Plastic Pouches

Recently, Ampacet took part in the 3rd edition of Plastic Pouches 2017 which is an international conference and exhibition exploring the latest market, technical and commercial developments in plastic pouch formats. The event took place in Vienna, Austria from the 21st to the 22nd of February and was organized by AMI. With a truly international participation covering the entire supply chain, Plastic Pouches 2017 offered unmatched opportunities to network, exchange experience and learn through interaction with colleagues, suppliers, customers and competitors.

Being the expert in masterbatches for BOPP and Film applications, Ampacet had a table-top stand run by François Thibeau (Strategic Business Manager Europe for Films & BOPP) and Doug Brownfield (Strategic Marketing and Business Manager of Ampacet Corporation, US). Doug Brownfield also gave a conference session about “Enhancing the sensory experience of pouches in retail” where he introduced the new innovative Reptyle FXTM Masterbatch technology.


Muovi Plastics

Last month, Ampacet participated to Muovi Plastics fair that took place in Lahti, Finland from the 20th to the 21st of April. This fair has been organized every third year since 1986.muovi

National and international companies and industry professionals gathered to Lahti for this special event. Pentti Muurinen (Ampacet’s Sales executive Finland & Baltic countries) and Alexandre Gilles (Ampacet’s Technical service representative) were pleased to welcome all of our visitors to the booth that was constructed for this occasion. Most of our key customers visited us and we made some new contacts resulting in the possible projects. This show was an overall success for Ampacet.



May 2017

Plastteknik Nordic 2017, which will take place in Malmö, Sweden from the 17th-18th of May. Booth number: C31.

Plastpol 2017, which will take place in Kielce (Poland) from the 23rd -26th of May. Booth number: E16.

September 2017

Interplas, which will take place in Birmingham (UK) from the 26th-28th of September. Booth number: A2.

October 2017

Fakuma, which will take place in Friedrichshafen (Germany) from the 17th to 21st of October. Booth number: B1-1309.

November 2017

Multilayer Packaging Films (conference-exhibition), which will take place in Cologne, Germany from the 7th-9th of November. Booth number: 11.

Speaker: François Thibeau ( Ampacet’s Strategic Business Manager Europe for Film & BOPP)

Session: “Addressing performance of multilayer flexible applications”
We do hope that you will come and visit us during these fairs!