AMPACET launches a BIORANGE of environmentally friendly masterbatches for compostable bioplastics & biodegradable applications

In recent decades, numerous countries have introduced legislations restricting the sale of lightweight plastic bags in order to reduce littering and plastic pollution. If not disposed of properly, traditional plastic bags can pollute waterways, clog sewers and be found in oceans as well as nature and soil, affecting the habitat of animals and marine creatures. Even when disposed of properly, due to their high durability, plastic bags take centuries to disintegrate (they will never biodegrade), generating large amounts of polluting plastic garbage over long periods of time.biorange

Consumers become more and more conscious about environmental issues and brand owners invest in their sustainable policies for a “greener” image on the market.

These have led to the development and increasing use of biodegradable compostable plastics which gain progressively market shares in the single use lightweight bags as well as other non-durable applications as they are considered as a sustainable alternative solution to conventional plastics, unlike oxo-degradable solutions.

Being concerned by environmental issues and by sustainable development, Ampacet is pleased to launch its BIORANGE of Masterbatches compatible with the use of compostable polymers, complying with the EN 13432 standard (composting standard), in order to support the protection of the environment from plastics pollution.

Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches allow to combine the utility of plastics (lightweight, resistance, relative low cost) with the ability to completely and fully compost the end product in an industrial compost facility.

Conventional plastics often mixed with organic wastes (food, wet paper and liquids), make it difficult and impractical to recycle without expensive sorting, cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Rather than worrying about recycling a relatively small quantity of plastics, Biodegradable end-products made of compostable polymers and Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches can be mixed with organic wastes, thereby enabling composting of a much larger portion of solid waste and making this activity commercially viable.

All in all, Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches contributes to reduction of plastics pollution and to a more sustainable world.

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