AMPACET’s innovative solution to reduce scratches originated during manufacturing and handling processes

Plastic products are very sensitive to scratches. Indeed, these scratches have a negative impact on the perceived quality of a product. Moreover, dust and dirt tend to inlay into the scratched surface making it less hygienic and attractive.antiscratch

Ampacet is proud to announce the launching of its new additive Masterbatch Antiscratch 1000617-E designed to enhance the appearance of injected articles and blow molded bottles by significantly improving the scratch resistance of plastics.

AntiScratch 1000617-E is a powerful additive that helps to avoid wear marks on polyethylene and polypropylene articles and bottles generated during manufacturing, transport and handling processes. This additive protects also the bottles at the filling plants where they are unpacked, handled and filled. AntiScratch 1000617-E Masterbatch provides a long-term protection that lasts during the life cycle of the product.

AntiScratch 1000617-E performs well even on darker colors where scratches are the most visible. It has no impact on the product’s color, odor or gloss.

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