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Ampacet’s synthetic paper masterbatch solutions provide trendy wood-pulp paper look, touch and feel to your final product, keeping the benefits of polymeric films.

Ampacet’s synthetic paper technologies are adapted to the manufacture of synthetic paper films with various film structures, using different polymers, and produced on a broad array of processing equipments, offering cost effective and durable alternative solutions to wood-pulp paper.

PAPERLOOK & KRAFT PAPERLOOK technologies are based on the use of single ready-to-use masterbatches providing very smooth surface to synthetic paper manufactured through the blown and cast film processes.

The range consists in 3 grades:

  • PAPERLOOK (1100170-E) for White paper applications with excellent organoleptic properties
  • KRAFT PAPERLOOK 718 (1800718-E) for Brown Kraft paper applications
  • KRAFT PAPERLOOK 289 (1301289-E) for “Yellow” Kraft paper applications

Ampacet’s PAPERLOOK & KRAFT PAPERLOOK masterbatches are typically used in dairy packaging (e.g. butter), delicatessen wrap, shopping bags, maps, brochures, shipping envelopes…

Paper 2.0 technology is providing a rough surface finish to multi-layer polyethylene films manufactured on blown and cast film equipments, to mimic some rough paper aspect and feel. This Ampacet technology could be used in a wide range of applications, including shopping bags, branded and novelty tape, shipping envelopes, meat and bakery wrapping, pet food bags and stand-up food pouches, folders and other office applications.

SynWrap technology is designed for the manufacture of synthetic tissue paper and provides superior moisture barrier properties as well as tear resistance when compared to conventional tissue paper products used for craft products, gift and floral wrap, food, deli and meat wrapping, bakery and chewing gum packaging applications.

SynTear technology is providing to synthetic paper the easy tearability of wood-pulp paper. Ampacet’ SynTear technology can be used in replacement of coated paper and wax paper for butcher & deli wrap, condiment/sweetener packets, personal care packets, snack bag pouches, gift and floral wrap, craft applications as well as concrete bags.

SYPASKI technology is especially designed to provide the surface aspect of paper to films manufactured by the bi-orientation (BOPP) process. Used as a compound in outer skin layers of BOPP film structures, Ampacet’s SYPASKI 33 masterbatch, provides to BOPP films the whiteness, low gloss and smooth roughness of paper. Ampacet’s SYPASKI 33 technology is used for tags, labels, posters and other graphic arts applications.

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On 23-26 May 2017, Ampacet Europe took part in the 21st International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing – PLASTPOL.

PLASTOPL is the most important plastic industry event in Poland and one of the most recognized one in Europe. As every year, PLASTOPOL gathered the leaders of plastics processing industry from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, USA, Slovakia and Hungary. In 2017 the exhibition had 7 halls and used 34 thousand square meters of the exhibition space. The stands were represented by 806 exhibitors from 36 countries of the world, including Poland. The exhibition was visited by 18,900 guests, specialists in the chemical industry. It is worth emphasizing that the number of exhibitors and foreign visitors is increasing year by year, which makes PLASTPOL more important in Poland and Europe and gives to this event more international character.

This year Ampacet was represented by Polish employees of Sales Department CEE: Janusz Rembisz, Piotr Toczek, Grzegorz Gulbierz and Michał Barna. The Sales team was assisted by Jolanta Chmielewska (Site Manager Ampacet Poland), Ania Jaczyńska (Logistic Supervisor Ampacet Poland) and employees from Ampacet European Headquarters: Francois Thibeau (Strategic Business Manager Europe – Business Units FILMS & BOPP), Francis Jacques (Technical Service Representative) and Hélène Chertovich (Marketing & Communication Coordinator).

During 4 days of the fair our stand was visited by over one hundred current and potential customers. We have conducted many interesting and important business talks, during which we had the opportunity to present Ampacet’s wide range of products, talk about the needs and expectations of our business partners and make new business relationships.

The presence at PLASTPOL has established Ampacet’s strong position in Central and Eastern Europe and has confirmed its unwavering readiness for dynamic growth in the region.

PLASTPOL’s business success contributed greatly to the organizational success of this venture. Thanks to the great cooperation of Ania Jaczyńska (Logistic Supervisor) and Helene Chertovich (Marketing & Communication Coordinator), our stand got the gold medal for “modernity of the presentation and style of the fair”. It is no wonder that even on the official website of the fair a picture of Ampacet’s stand was displayed. It is also an excellent highlight of the prestige and strength of our brand. Not to mention an incredible power of our colors!



Ampacet participated in the UK’s leading plastics industry show Interplas that took place in Birmingham from 26th to 28th of September 2017. Over the past few years Interplas has demonstrated sustained growth in the number of visitors, exhibitors and space sold. This underlines that Interplas has become the key-event in UK plastics industry. It is the only event covering all the manufacturing processes, technologies and services within the plastics industry in UK. Interplas provides an ideal showcase for all plastics manufacturing products and services.

In 2017 Interplas attracted more than 500 exhibitors on 10 000 square meters and the number of visitors exceeded 12000.

Ampacet was represented by the UK sales team (Dean Fosbury, Paul Kitson, Robert Laurent and John Case). The sales team was supported by Tine Calmeyn (CSR), Virginie Tanguier (CSR), François Thibeau (Strategic Business Manager Europe – Business Units FILMS & BOPP), Alexandre Gilles (Technical Service Representative) and Hélène Chertovich (Marketing & Communication Coordinator).

On the stand we presented Ampacet’s latest innovations for molding and film applications such as ReptyleFX technology that replicates snakeskin effect; synthetic paper solutions; an alternative solution to conventional aluminum foil Fauxfoil; Antiscratch technology and an inorganic antimicrobial masterbatch Germsclean. The visitors had an opportunity to book their trip with one of our Sales Representatives to Ampacet’s newly opened UK Design Centre where customers could journey from an “Idea to a Realisation”.

Considering the number of customer contacts and the possible projects resulting from our discussions, this show was an overall success!



From the 17th October until the 21st October, Ampacet participated in the second biggest international plastic trade fair Fakuma that took place in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

1889 exhibitors and 48 375 expert visitors coming respectively from 38 and 128 countries celebrated the 25th anniversary of Fakuma on 85 000 sqm of overall exhibition floor space. This international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry and for Ampacet.

Fakuma acts as a source of information and ideas and as a trend barometer, whilst maintaining its very special, personal and informal atmosphere.

Ampacet German Sales team represented by Georg Trunk, Peter Heidl, Christian Leinberger, Andreas Geiger and Per Stohm did a great job based on the number of meetings that they had with current and new customers. The Sales team was supported by Sofiene Marouani (Technical Support Representative), Philippe Hugelé (Strategic Business Manager Molding), Hélène Chertovich (Marketing & Communication Coordinator) and Marcello Bergamo, General Manager of Ampacet Europe who came to encourage his team and to underline the importance of this event for Ampacet.

Ampacet display was full of eye-catching special effect color ranges such as Liquid Metals, Hypermetallics, Matrix, Cell Struct, Frosted and FusionFX that attracted a lot of visitors. Ampacet has also promoted its latest technologies for Molding and Film applications including Antiscratch solution, ReptyleFX, FauxFoil, synthetic paper solutions and antimicrobial Germsclean masterbatch representing a lot of interest among the attendees of this event.

We had a lot of interesting meetings with existing customers and we got also a high number of new interesting prospects. The show was a full success!



The tenth anniversary edition of AMI’s Multilayer Packaging Films conference took place from the 7th-9th November 2017 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany.

Multilayer Packaging Films 2017 provided a unique opportunity to hear from a panel of international experts on the focus of technical and commercial needs and innovations for 2017 and beyond.  The conference ​brought together companies from across the flexible packaging value chain, from raw materials to retailers, ​and offered a dynamic forum to debate and exchange ideas with industry peers and potential customers.

François Thibeau (Strategic Business Manager Europe – Business Units FILMS & BOPP) and Christophe Raucourt (Technical Service Manager), demonstrated on Ampacet table-top our latest innovations in Film applications such as ReptyleFX range, FauxFoil, synthetic paper solutions, premium quality color range (Blue 090 & Gold 100), Galaxy collection, Confetti and Liquid metals solutions. François Thibeau also gave a conference session about: “Addressing performance of multilayer flexible applications”.



January 2018

Interplastica, Moscow, Russia

23rd-26th of January

Hall 1 – Booth B20


May 2018

Plastpol, Kielce, Poland

22nd-25th of May


Plast, Milano, Italy

29th of May – 1st of June

Hall 9 – Booth B151


June 2018

PDM, Birmingham, UK

19th-20th of June
October 2017

Fakuma, Friedrichshafen Germany

from the 16th to 20th of October


We do hope that you will come and visit us during these fairs!


Greenhouses and low tunnels are widely used in agriculture to protect plants from the negative effect of external atmospheric conditions (e.g. wind, rain, hail, temperature…) and modify climatic conditions in order to accelerate plant maturity and optimize crop yield.

A typical problem faced in greenhouses and low tunnels is linked to fogging phenomena.

Being aware of these reality, Ampacet has broadened its AGROCLEAR range and introduced its new AGROCLEAR 752 for 1 to 2 seasons greenhouses, low tunnels and early harvest crop protection films. Ampacet AGROCLEAR 752 allows, at very low addition rates (e.g. 6%), to provide outstanding and consistent antifog properties to protection films used in agriculture and horticulture fields. It maintains an excellent film transparency, avoids problems linked to fog formation (light transmission reduction and plant damages), optimizes plant growth and supports crop yield.

Ampacet has previously introduced AGROCLEAR 651 (102651), an efficient antifog masterbatch technology specially designed for critical multi-seasons low tunnels and greenhouses films providing a very long term antifogging effect.

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Ampacet Matrix and Formula X™ LiquidMetal Colors are special effect masterbatches that offer to packaging designers “new options”.

Matrix range features a disruptive look indicating an underlying surface tension, providing high-impact shelf appeal for packaging and consumer goods products.


“Issues surrounding data collection and its many concerns surrounding individuals’ rights and privacy are front and center in consumer’s minds.   The visual tension you see in the Matrix collection emulates the appearance of that data generated by our actions, and streaming through our lives”, says Linda Carroll, Ampacet Color Insight Manager.

Ideal for blow-molded applications and specialty injection molded products, Matrix is available in highly pearlized colors.

Formula X™ LiquidMetal Colors, a special effects and color line from Ampacet, gives packaging made with blow molded and extruded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) the look of highly reflective metal, for added impact and shelf appeal.

LiquidMetal Colors meets the demand for plastic packaging that replicates polished metal for use with cosmetics, health and beauty aids, specialty foods, beverages and car-care products.

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Ampacet, an independent provider of specialty formulations and services to the global thermoplastics industry, is pleased to announce the official start-up of a new color production line in Dudelange (Luxembourg). On the 15th of November 2017 Ampacet welcomed Francine Closener, Secretary of the State for the Economy along with other officials including Patrick Nickels, Conseiller de gouvernement 1ère classe; Daniel Biancalana, Mayor of Dudelange; Laurent Zeimet, Mayor of Bettembourg; Marc Kieffer, Secretary General Fedil and Henri Wagener, Advisor Fedil in our European Headquarters in Dudelange.

In 2013, Ampacet invested in a new facility in Dudelange that includes a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory, a design and ideation center and one of the company’s largest white masterbatch lines.

Ampacet’s new color production line was developed to maximize the overall customer experience by optimizing lead times and offering additional delivery flexibility. Engineered with a focus on safety, ergonomics and environmental impact, the new line features a high efficiency de-dusting system, secure elevator for raw materials, semi-automatic bagging machine and automated labeler. Energy and water systems have been designed to produce minimal environmental impact.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to reduce lead times across the board. Our goal is to deliver our products as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining unsurpassed quality,” said Marcello Bergamo, Ampacet Europe Managing Director.

“We are committed to achieving sustained growth and profitability by designing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions,” said Mr. Bergamo. “We act with integrity by adhering to moral, ethical and professional standards. We explore new ways to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities to try out new solutions.”

“We employ environmentally safe work processes and proactive measures to protect our employees, surroundings and our communities. We continue to look for innovative ways to minimize the environmental impact of our practices and products,” he added.


Polyethylene film is widely used in complex structures through adhesive lamination with other film substrates to combine the properties of the individual films (e.g. sealability, mechanical, barrier, optical, …) and optimize the performances of the flexible packaging films.

When using conventional slip additives (e.g. Erucamide) in the polyethylene film used in laminates, film producers and converters can often face technical problems: loss of slip properties (e.g. Increase of COF) after the lamination stage on one hand, and transfer of slip additive on the opposite side (e.g. PET film) affecting the COF on that side on the other hand, leading to converting issues.

Ampacet LAMSLIP 754 is a specialty Masterbatch solution designed to provide outstanding and consistent slip properties to laminated film structures for trouble-free converting and packing operations for food and non-food applications.

Compared to conventional slip Masterbatches (i.e. Erucamide), Ampacet LAMSLIP 754 maintains a low and consistent Coefficient of Friction, even after adhesive lamination and avoids transfer of slip additive on the opposite side of the laminate. Being highly efficient at low addition rate, it limits converting and packing problems typically linked to fluctuating slip properties of the packaging film and prevents efficiency losses during automatic packaging process. This innovative Masterbatch technology reduces the quantity of off-specification and scrapped films and decreases the risk of claims from converters and end-users that makes it a reliable solution for laminated packaging and pouch applications.

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Ampacet introduces GOLD 100, BLUE 090 and SURFPROTEC range of premium quality color masterbatches with outstanding level of pigment dispersion.

Ampacet SURFPROTEC is a high quality range of color masterbatches showing very low defect counts and excellent pigment dispersion providing outstanding quality film for use in premium surface protective applications. Ampacet SURFPROTEC range allows an excellent protection of the products’ surfaces against external shocks and scratches occurring during production, transport and handling. Ampacet SURFPROTEC Masterbatches can be used in protective film applications for various industries such as household appliances, automotive, electronics, construction, furniture and others.

Ampacet GOLD 100 & BLUE 090 are two stunning color masterbatches for BOPP, cast PP and thermoformed PP sheet applications, designed to revive the look of the everyday plastic products and to bring color in the daily life of consumers. These transparent/translucent colors have outstanding level of pigment dispersion for premium quality end products.

Ampacet GOLD 100 & BLUE 090 demonstrate following advantages over conventional flood-printed films:

  • More ecological coloring solution:
    • Avoid the use of solvent when printing with solvent-based inks
    • No need for applying any primer on the printable substrate
  • Allow to skip the step of ink preparation
  • No problems related to scratches or damages of the printed ink surface
  • No issues with the film slip properties, often influenced by the use of inks
  • No more worries about the level of humidity that has a negative impact on the ink quality and adhesion performance
  • A whole process simplification to obtain full colored articles
  • Allow to recover margins at the film or sheet manufacturing stage

Ampacet GOLD 100 & BLUE 090 can be used for wrapping films (sweets, gifts, flowers), food packaging (ex: fish & salmon trays, pouches…), thermoformed trays (cookies and chocolate), merchandise packaging, disposable crockery, scotch tape, etc…

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We are all in contact with millions of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and mold during our daily life. Some of them are beneficial to the well-being of the host organism. Others are harmful and even dangerous.

Being concerned by the well-being of the population, Ampacet is introducing its highly effective antimicrobial additive Masterbatch solution for plastic articles, GERMSCLEAN 684.

Designed for Film and Molding application, Ampacet GERMSCLEAN 684 is a silver-based additive technology. It offers an outstanding long-lasting protection against proliferation of a wide variety of harmful microorganisms by blocking growth of bacteria and slowing down fungi multiplication, preventing the formation of harmful biological layers. This additive is highly efficient even at low let down ratio. It doesn’t affect the appearance or physical properties of the end product thanks to the low concentration of silver.

Ampacet GERMSCLEAN 684 provides a safer environment avoiding food poisoning and protecting human beings from harmful bacteria and consequent possible diseases.

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AMPACET launches a BIORANGE of environmentally friendly masterbatches for compostable bioplastics & biodegradable applications

In recent decades, numerous countries have introduced legislations restricting the sale of lightweight plastic bags in order to reduce littering and plastic pollution. If not disposed of properly, traditional plastic bags can pollute waterways, clog sewers and be found in oceans as well as nature and soil, affecting the habitat of animals and marine creatures. Even when disposed of properly, due to their high durability, plastic bags take centuries to disintegrate (they will never biodegrade), generating large amounts of polluting plastic garbage over long periods of time.biorange

Consumers become more and more conscious about environmental issues and brand owners invest in their sustainable policies for a “greener” image on the market.

These have led to the development and increasing use of biodegradable compostable plastics which gain progressively market shares in the single use lightweight bags as well as other non-durable applications as they are considered as a sustainable alternative solution to conventional plastics, unlike oxo-degradable solutions.

Being concerned by environmental issues and by sustainable development, Ampacet is pleased to launch its BIORANGE of Masterbatches compatible with the use of compostable polymers, complying with the EN 13432 standard (composting standard), in order to support the protection of the environment from plastics pollution.

Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches allow to combine the utility of plastics (lightweight, resistance, relative low cost) with the ability to completely and fully compost the end product in an industrial compost facility.

Conventional plastics often mixed with organic wastes (food, wet paper and liquids), make it difficult and impractical to recycle without expensive sorting, cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Rather than worrying about recycling a relatively small quantity of plastics, Biodegradable end-products made of compostable polymers and Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches can be mixed with organic wastes, thereby enabling composting of a much larger portion of solid waste and making this activity commercially viable.

All in all, Ampacet’s BIORANGE of Masterbatches contributes to reduction of plastics pollution and to a more sustainable world.

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AMPACET’s innovative solution to reduce scratches originated during manufacturing and handling processes

Plastic products are very sensitive to scratches. Indeed, these scratches have a negative impact on the perceived quality of a product. Moreover, dust and dirt tend to inlay into the scratched surface making it less hygienic and attractive.antiscratch

Ampacet is proud to announce the launching of its new additive Masterbatch Antiscratch 1000617-E designed to enhance the appearance of injected articles and blow molded bottles by significantly improving the scratch resistance of plastics.

AntiScratch 1000617-E is a powerful additive that helps to avoid wear marks on polyethylene and polypropylene articles and bottles generated during manufacturing, transport and handling processes. This additive protects also the bottles at the filling plants where they are unpacked, handled and filled. AntiScratch 1000617-E Masterbatch provides a long-term protection that lasts during the life cycle of the product.

AntiScratch 1000617-E performs well even on darker colors where scratches are the most visible. It has no impact on the product’s color, odor or gloss.

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