Ampacet’s new innovative additive for recycled PET

PET is a remarkably energy-efficient packaging material. Add to that its strength, versatility, and recyclability, and PET boasts an excellent sustainability profile.                                                                                   blue edge

Today recycled plastic is an indispensable part of our lives and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable resources, improves the environment and reduces our carbon footprint. One of PET’s most outstanding qualities is its exceptional recyclability as it can be recovered and recycled again and again by thorough washing and remelting for use in new PET products. Recycled PET does unfortunately have some drawbacks but these can be resolved thanks to one of Ampacet’s new innovative additive Masterbatch Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E).

Ampacet’s new Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is an innovative additive Masterbatch specially formulated for use in recycled PET. It counteracts the unattractive yellowish / brownish “dirty” effect in most post-consumer recycled plastics and enhances the bottle brightness with a lighter bluish tone giving it a clearer, fresher look that is more appealing to the customer’s eye.

The other major advantage of using Ampacet’s Blue Edge 78 (7600078-E) is that it is produced in the new mini-pellet Masterbatch form that offers the polymer industry enhanced distribution/ processability, lower let-down rates and decreases energy consumption.

For further information on Ampacet’s Blue Edge 78 product, please contact your local Ampacet representative or send an email to:



Among all food produced world-wide for human consumption, about one third is lost or wasted. Ampacet takes this issue seriously and attaches great importance to development of innovative food preservation Masterbatches.

Ampacet is proud to present its food packaging range of additives that represents a concrete solution to better and longer food conservation.                                                                                                           food packaging

Ampacet’s unique Masterbatch FRESH+ 358 C2 (1000358-E) extends the shelf life of packed fresh produce by capturing part of the ethylene emitted by fruit and vegetables. This innovative additive not only limits the food wastage contributing to a better ethical and economic situation, but also helps in reducing the depletion of the environment and its limited natural resources.

Ampacet’s FRESH+ 97 AF (103697) Masterbatch is Ampacet’s optimized Antifog additive designed for polyethylene food wrap films and convenient for both hot and cold packaging. This innovative Masterbatch gives an excellent antifogging performance only a few minutes after the laminated film is placed in the refrigerator and stays performant even after 15 days. It significantly improves the film transparency, durability of the wrapping contents and the attractiveness of packed food.                                                                 food packaging 2

UVBLOCK 347 (104347-A) is the best existing solution for                packaging UV-light sensitive food. This extraordinary Masterbatch enhances food preservation and reduces spoilage by providing a high barrier efficiency to UV light even at low addition rates without affecting the transparency of the packaging film.

For further details on the above product range, please contact your local Ampacet representative or email:

Ampacet was chosen as one of the two Luxembourgish companies to go forward to the finals that took place in London, UK.

Ampacet Europe SA and INTRASOFT International were named as the finalists and Ruban d’Honneur recipients in the 2014 / 2015 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM. These companies went on to complete the third and final round of judging resulting in eleven overall category winners to be announced.

In total 110 Ruban d’Honneur recipients across Europe were chosen from 709 National Champions by an esteemed panel of judges consisting of European business and political leaders, academics and entrepreneurs. Ampacet was named “The champion of Luxembourg” in the category “Turnover of €150m or higher”.

Now in its 8th year, The European Business Awards has engaged with 24,000 companies in over 33 European countries this year.

Business awards general

The Top 10 companies across Europe for the Business of the Year Award category “Turnover of €150m or higher”

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “To survive in this economic climate is hard enough, so to innovate, prosper and expand in the way this year’s Ruban d’Honneur recipients have is truly remarkable. Europe needs more companies like these. Well done to them all”.

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM, the seventh largest global network of independent audit, tax and advisory firms and the lead sponsor of the European Business Awards, said: “At RSM we are passionate about helping businesses succeed in Europe and across the world. These two Luxembourgish businesses are typical of those that our member firms work with on a daily basis, and it is so encouraging to see this growth, prosperity and excellence.”

Giuseppe Giusto, Director EMEA: “We are very proud to have finished in the top 2 companies in Luxembourg. This is a great achievement for Ampacet. We competed with 110 other companies from around Europe and have been nominated Ruban d’Honneur which makes us very happy. The European Business Awards is widely recognised as the showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies and to be nominated one of these is very inspiring for Ampacet. I am very proud of my team.”

business awards Philippe

Philippe Rey “Marketing Director” receiving the award for Ampacet in the category “Turnover of €150m or higher”


Plasticulture is a growing market with increasing requirements towards higher crops quality and yields to meet the needs of growing populations.

Agricultural films

In order to help satisfy the market needs, Ampacet has developed a range of Masterbatches for greenhouse & tunnel applications including AGROCLEAR 651 (102651), THERMIC 337 (1000337-E) & HEATSCREEN 34 (1000234‑E).

AGROCLEAR 651 is a highly efficient antifog Masterbatch, specifically designed for agricultural films (greenhouse, low tunnels, mulch film for asparagus), providing a very long term antifogging effect at a very low addition rate.

THERMIC 337 retains a maximum heat inside the greenhouse and low tunnels during the night by blocking the far infra-red spectrum emitted by the ground, providing a ‘thermic’ effect. This allows the greenhouse or low tunnels inner atmosphere temperature to achieve an additional 1°C to 3°C during the night leading to a higher plant growth rate, higher yield and anticipated harvest.

HEATSCREEN 34 provides a “Cooling” effect to greenhouses (used under very hot climate conditions) that avoids the overheating of the greenhouses inner atmosphere as well as dehydration of the plants. This enables an optimized plant growth.

To have more details on the test results and receive more detailed information on the product, please contact your local Ampacet representative.


Flexible plastic packagings are sensitive to static electricity affecting handling and operations whether it is during film production, film converting (lamination, printing, metallizing) and packing operations, but also during storage of the final packed goods where dust accumulation need to be avoided for a high pack shelf-appeal. Packaging films require immediate and consistent antistatic properties for optimizing handling and appearance.                               Pink transparent film anti-static

Ampacet PERMSTAT masterbatches are non-migratory antistatic         solutions specifically developed for providing immediate and permanent antistatic properties to polyolefin films used for specific packaging applications (electronics, powders, explosive and hazardous chemicals).                                                                                                         anti-static food packs

Food approved, Ampacet PERMSTAT 429 (103429-E), PERMSTAT        249 (1000249-E), PERMSTAT 346 (1000346-E) and PERMSTAT 90 (404190-E) are also suitable for food packagings requiring such demanding antistatic properties.

To have more details on the test results and receive more detailed information on the product, please contact your local Ampacet representative.


During production it can happen that you are faced with shrinkage or warpage problems.                                                                                                   shrinkless range  crates

SHRINKAGE is the dimensional reduction brought about by the         decrease in volume of the molded material as it cools and solidifies.
WARPAGE is a distortion where the surfaces of the molded parts do not follow the intended shape of the design.

Warpage is due to differential shrinkage in the machine and transverse directions because of:

  •  Non uniform cooling of parts with wall sections of varying thickness
  • Presence of some pigments that affect the polymer crystallization

In order to help our customers optimise their production, Ampacet decided to create the range of Shrinkless products.

SHRINKLESS 057, 1000057-E which is created for polyethylene-based products and SHRINKLESS 106, 4000106-E developed for polypropylene-based products to help reduce the distortion phenomenon.

The benefits of this Masterbatch for Injection Molding & Blow Molding are:

  • Dimensional stability: reducing the impact of high shrinkage colors
  • No process modification needed or expensive tool adjustments to run the different colored parts on the same mold
  • Helps molders to minimize warpage when running a part that calls for the successive use of different colors
  • Minimum deformation during mold release
  • Product flexibility (effective on a great variety of Masterbatches)
  • Better cap fitting
  • Shorter cycle times (greener process)
  • Food contact approval (EU)
  • Does not impact the color of the final article



Ampacet was very pleased to participate for the first time to                arabplast 2015Arabplast that took place in Dubai from the 10th – 13th of January 2015. The exhibition is ranked as the No. 1 show in the region in plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industry. Ampacet was pleased to welcome all of our visitors to the beautiful booth that we constructed for this occasion.

Arabplast 2015 was 38% bigger than the 2013 edition, following greater response from exhibitors and sponsors and a record number of 906 exhibitors from 41 countries and 27 268 trade visitors came from 119 countries. Participants from Ampacet were Caroline Scheydecker, Philippe Rey, Claes Nilsson, Renaud Kieffer, Nicolas El Khoury, Virginie Tanguier, and Mohammed Jaber.

Our distributor in UAE, Nilgiris International also attended this fair with us which was a great opportunity to market them with all the potential customers in the country.

Most of our key customers visited us and we had the chance to conduct different meetings with various clients to discuss new plans for 2015.

On display at Arabplast 2015 were new products and technologies in injection moulding, blow moulding, wrapping and packaging, pre and post plastic processing techniques as well as raw materials, such as additives and polymers. The show covers a wide spectrum of plastic machinery, plastic/rubber processing technology, pre and post-processing systems, plastic packaging technology, injection moulding, blow moulding, wrapping technology, extrusions, chemicals and additives, semi-finished goods, engineering plastics and plastic products.



As each year, Ampacet was presented at the most important plastic INTERPLASTICA 2015trade fair in Russia and CIS countries. The 19th edition of the International Trade Fair Plastics and Rubber took place in Moscow City (Expocentr, Krasnaya Presnya) between the 27th and 30th of January 2015. This year, all exhibitors of the Fair have been pleasantly surprised. Despite sanctions and strong financial crisis in Russia, Interplastica was considerably larger than the year before with a net occupancy of over 13.000 square meters and featuring 932 exhibitors from 36 countries.

Despite Russia’s weak rouble, this country and its neighbours still have a substantial demand for investment and a great interest in advanced machinery, production, process technology and high-tech materials. Thousands of business owners and industrialists came to this fair to find out more about innovative technologies and maintain or establish business contacts with suppliers.

Taking into account the wide geography of Russia, Ampacet successfully serves more than 1,500 customers. Ampacet’s booth at Interplastica 2015 was traditionally presented by sales managers from various regions of Russia: European region (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), Siberia (Novosibirsk), Ural (Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk) and southern Region (Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar). Strong support to the Russian sales team was provided by Mr. Claes Nilsson (Director of sales Northern Europe) and Mr. Emanuele Piacenti (Strategic business manager – BOPP). Ampacet’s new achievements and innovations, new range of color Masterbatches for PET preforms were presented to the Russian market.

As usual the highest interest/demand was shown to the local color service which Ampacet is offering in Russia since 2008 when the color plant was installed. Localization of all standard color Masterbatches have resulted in tremendous success. Already in January and February of this year our local production was full of orders and the installation and startup of the new line will allow us to meet high demands for our products. For the first time we have presented to our customers color film books made with a full range of color Masterbatches produced in Russia! The Film books have been very popular like “hot pizza”.

It is also important to mention high integration of polymer markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to the Customs Union of these countries, all barriers in trading (cancelled import duties, unified taxes and certification) have been removed. As a benefit of this Ampacet Russia has started to export color Masterbatches to these countries and we expect even more expansion of our export sales.

Ampacet remains one of the market leaders in Russia, serving more than 1200 plastic converters and Interplastica has confirmed this value.

The main goals of Ampacet’s participation at the Fair were to analyze the sales results for 2014, meet existing and new customers/partners and to discuss new business opportunities for 2015-2016. Interplastica is an indispensable trade fair that helps to detect the trends of the Russian polymer market, to discover the current range of international products and to better understand the customers’ needs.

We look forward to seeing our customers again next year at Interplastica 2016!



October 2015

Fakuma 2015, which will take place in Friedrichshafen (Germany) from the 13th -17th of October (Hall B1 – stand number 1219)

December 2015

Plast Eurasia, which will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) from the 3rd – 6th of December. (Booth number TBD)
We do hope that you will come and visit us during these fairs!

PlastEurasia Fair

The international platform of Turkish plastics industry PlastEurasia İstanbul 2014, was held between December 4-7, 2014. The 2014 edition with of PlastEurasia participation of 1067 companies & company representatives from 41 countries, met 43.756 visitors with sector professionals.

Ampacet was present at the PlastEurasia Exhibition. Numerous visitor visited Ampacet booth where they were welcomed and met with Ampacet representatives. There were also few foreign visitors, although the number of the visitors from abroad has been decreasing comparing to last years. Other visitors such as suppliers, logistics, financial providers etc. also visited our stand during the exhibition.Fairs 1Philippe Rey, Thomas Lafond (Marketing Department), Khalil Fadda, Bahar Özsoy, Nüzhet Ezer (Sales Force) & Etem Şentürk (Technical Service Representative) were on the stand during the PlastEurasia exhibition representing Ampacet.


 Kunststoffen fair

Kunststoffen fair is held every year in September in Veldhoven the Netherlands. Many companies and people involved in the injection molding market participated to this event. 275 exhibitors among molders, raw material suppliers, recruiting companies, machine and equipment suppliers, attended Kunststoffen 2014 at the Koningshof Conference Center. This year the exhibitors also welcomed an increasing number of visitors coming from the film industry. In total 3.500 visitors attended this year event.

FAIRS2Ampacet’s booth welcomed approximately 40 visitors, of which several potential customers and several main suppliers. Kunststoffen fair brought some new leads for Ampacet to work with, reinforced the relationships with known customers and prospects, and showed again our colourful face to the Dutch and Belgian market.

Interplas Fair

From September 30th to the 2nd October Ampacet was in Birmingham (UK) to participate as an exhibitor at the Interplas fair 2014.

FAIRS3Interplas is the UK’s largest plastics industry exhibition and the only event covering all the manufacturing processes, technologies and services within the plastics Industry. It is known internationally as the forum where the UK plastics industry does business. The show is very important and in 2014 there were 500 exhibitors, covering 10.000 square meters. In this year’s edition the number of visitors exceeded 12.000.

Ampacet had its own outstanding booth which was much appreciated by our visitors. Ampacet was represented by the UK sales team (Jens Erchs, John Case, Kevin Cloke and Benny Strand). The sales team was assisted by David Horan, Marketing and Alexandre Gilles from the Technical Department. Ampacet’s stand, welcomed more than 50 people from the Film, Injection & Blow Molding Industry. The types of industries visiting were in line with the company’s strategy of making a bigger impact in the British market. Ampacet met many new people and already had some follow up. This fair was sure a success for Ampacet.

Fakuma Fair

From the 14th October until the 18th October, Ampacet participated in the 24th Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

FAIRS1Fakuma is the 2nd biggest plastic exhibition in Germany (coming after the K-Show) and keeps growing year after year. This edition gathered together more than 45.000 visitors coming from 120 different countries and 1.700 exhibitors in the 85.000 square meters.

This year was the second time that Ampacet had participated to this exhibition, which was represented by the German sales team (Peter Heidl, Christian Leinberger, Andreas Geiger and Georg Trunk). The sales team was assisted by Carina Belke, Valerie Lattwein (Marketing). Technical service was also represented by Christophe Heintz and Christophe Raucourt.

Although the majority of the visitors were existing customers, Ampacet was able to make new contacts and introduce itself to potential customers and leads. Considering the number of customer contacts and the potential out coming projects resulting from the discussion with them, this show was a great success for Ampacet.

All of the above fairs were organized and designed by Caroline Scheydecker, Ampacet’s senior Marketing & Communication coordinator.