From satins and pearlescents to metallics and pastels, Ampacet works with a broad palette of pigments to provide the most aesthetically unique range of “custom” colors and special effects, incorporating upon need the functional additives your final product would require.

Color Lines

Ampacet’s color matching labs and prototype molding equipment will ensure that the color is exactly what you want.

  • Pearlescents
  • Metallics
  • Phosphorescents
  • Granite & Marble effects

Ampacet has 6 manufacturing plants within Europe that cater for our clients custom color needs.

In 2014, Ampacet has invested in 3 new state of the art color lines in our manufacturing plants in Telford, UK, Busto Garolfo (Milan), Italy and Warsaw, Poland. These investments have been made due to the high demand from the market and this will enable Ampacet to provide a better service to our customers with higher flexiblity and optimizing our European color laboratories to formulate custom color matches and provide technical support to the European customer portfolio.

For further information on Ampacets full color range, please contact your local Ampacet Sales Representative or email us at: marketing.europe@ampacet.com